Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The applicability of social media in a manufacturing environment

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube – big words with big impact for companies looking to extend their reach farther than they ever have before.

The growth in popularity of social media marketing platforms has been staggering as companies scramble to connect with markets on a more personal level. It seems that those organizations trading in the FMCG markets have the most instantaneous gratification online and can more clearly quantify and gauge the successes of their online campaigns.


What then for organizations in a manufacturing environment dealing with B2B strategies?

Here at NCS Resins we produce unsaturated polyester resins, gelcoats, pool coats, flow coats and various other raw materials that serve the Glass Reinforced Products (GRP) markets. How do businesses with similar operating profiles reach businesses owners, CEO’s, MD’s and all members of their targeted DMU’s (decision making units) in order to either gain market exposure or covert online interaction into sales?

It seems in the manufacture and sale of unsaturated polyester resins and the accompanying products that we as NCS Resins can identify a few ways to capitalize on the evolution the current technological expansion. Strategies including educational videos that teach workers correct application techniques, surveys identifying client’s thought patterns when deciding on the applicability of an unsaturated polyester resin or simply the use of online newsletters engaging our clients on a personal level and keeping them abreast of current trends in the Glass Reinforced Products market, all bare relevance to ensuring we as a leading manufacturer of unsaturated polyester resins remain current and relevant.


With all that social media and an online platforms have to offer, we here at NCS Resins realize that the key to success when operating on these systems is connecting personally with our targeted audience and ensuring that their experiences with us are always enjoyable and memorable.


After all, it is here where pure science and performance materials meet.
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